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I got the idea from another blog to be a part of Project 365 - to take one picture for each day of the year. Here is my year in pictures...this beautiful mess.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 January 2010 - 28/365: "A View from the Classroom"

This crazy snowstorm blew through this morning as I was sitting at my desk grading English essays. And as fast as it came, it went....by the afternoon, all the snow was gone.

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  1. Beautiful picture! I must say I miss the snow! this year it's only snowed like two times! For me... snow is a HUGE EVENT! I grew up in Mexico and I had never seen snow until I was 25 and traveled to Philadelphia.... now that I live in Wi. is wonderful to see snow... I think it will never be a "common" thing for me... I LOVE IT! But this winter... snow abandoned us! :( ... Hopefully there is some more coming!