About This Beautiful Mess

I got the idea from another blog to be a part of Project 365 - to take one picture for each day of the year. Here is my year in pictures...this beautiful mess.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 February 2010 - 42/365: "The Aftermath"

I honestly am getting tired of photographing the snow! But here is a little bit of beauty and color I found that doesn't show my frustration in having to shovel my way out!

10 February 2010 - 41/365: "Snowed In"

This is what I did on my snowed-in day off - a little bit of productive packing, getting ready for my half of the move.

9 February 2010 - 40/365: "Blog Giveaway Prizes"

These two prizes came in the mail today - two items I had won on blog giveaways. One is a crocheted beret and the other is custom-made guest book for our wedding, with pictures of us inside of it. Hey, you never know!

8 February 2010 - 39/365: "Glasses"

A surprise gift from my cousin, Krista: our glasses!

7 February 2010: 38/365: "Our Super Bowl Party"

Yup, just me and James. Go, Saints!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 February 2010 - 37/365: "The Storm that Canceled My Bridal Shower"

What I woke up to this morning...we got nothing. :(

But it's OK...James took me out to lunch and we spent the day together - to cheer me up. And Lord willing, the shower will still happen.

5 February 2010 - 36/365: "Bad News"

This is the text I sent, letting people know my bridal shower was being canceled. A big storm was hitting the east coast. We were right in that variant zone, where we could get a lot or we could get nothing...

4 February 2010 - 35/365: "Through the Windshield"

This was about 5:15 pm or so, on my way to my haircut. Clearly, I was not completely focused on driving.

3 February 2010 - 34/365: "Table 1

Eileen and I stopped by the reception hall to get a look of the layout to figure out centerpieces and other things like that. She works for another venue and is in charge of weddings there. This is what our tables will look like on our wedding day (plus centerpieces).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 February 2010 - 33/365: "Memories"

This is a picture of my sister and my dad taking bike ride. It was at least 7 years ago, maybe more. Those were good times...before she got married, when she still lived at home... I miss her.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1 February 2010 - 32/365: "A Little Bling"

Running a little low on inspiration today...but just looking at my ring makes me happy. I know it was given to me with a lot of thought and love.

31 January 2010 - 31/365: "Hannah's New Spot"

Yup, that is Hannah on the chair from my favorite corner (my cheating picture on day 29). Looks like it is her favorite now, too.

30 January 2010 - 30/365: " Uncle Lou to the Rescue"

On Saturday, we needed some help picking up a washer/dryer we found on Craig's List. Well, we stopped at Costco on the way, found a couch for a great price, compared very quickly at another store - and realized very quickly it was a great deal...so we asked if my dad and Uncle Lou wouldn't mind adding another stop on the way to the washer. They graciously agreed. We realized that the washer/dryer wouldn't fit in the truck w/ the sectional, so we had to stop home so my dad could pick up his truck as well. So, the caravan with the couch headed to pick up the washer/dryer, and then on to the house.

My dad and Uncle Lou were the heroes of the day. We couldn't have done it without them. [My uncle is not as scary as he looks, lol]

This picture is thrown in for good measure....my boys :)

29 January 2010 - 29/365: "My Favorite Corner"

I am going to admit that I am totally cheating by posting this picture under today. I was grading regents and helping James move, so I just did not have the energy to take a picture today. I took this picture a few weeks ago...but since it is the last time my corner will look like that (we moved that chair to the new house), I felt like it would be OK to use it! And this is my favorite corner in my apartment.