About This Beautiful Mess

I got the idea from another blog to be a part of Project 365 - to take one picture for each day of the year. Here is my year in pictures...this beautiful mess.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 January 2010 - 26/365: "Mom's Skates"

I pass this sled-&-skates every morning as I'm leaving to work, and I think to myself, "That would be a great shot! I have to remember to take a picture of this." Today I remembered. Those are actually my mom's old ice skates. My dad likes to arrange everything like we are just stepping back in time. He is cute like that. :)


  1. Your camera rocks! I didn't realize those were mom's skates. Cute. :)

  2. Great picture! I love your picture project!!!

    And yes... your dad is really cute! :)